Blackened bricks
A room for kicks
Get your clicks
It's so shiny and empty now

Dank and dark
Tried to leave a mark
Caught a fatal spark
Can you remember how

Finger nails
Going off the rails
No more happy tales
Just a hole in our history

Down and out
We can scream and shout
Leave no room for doubt
Just a stain on the road to see

I thought maybe
I'd leave some trace
Give me somewhere
To hide my face

Native sound
Crashing all around
We could hit the ground
Or be buried forever here

Near or far
There's no other Scar
And you know what you are
You're deadening atmosphere

I'm not going
To leave this place
I will always
Be in your face

You're all lying
You're in the red
And while I'm dying
I'm in your head

Money lies
Power fries
The music dies
You've got to get over it

Freedom sighs
Lovers' cries
Illegal highs
You've got to love eating shit

I thought maybe
I'd leave some trace
Give me somewhere
To hide my face

You're all guilty
You're sad, you're dead
But I'm not done yet
I'm in your head

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A rip in the fabric. A blot on the landscape. Rending the past, sterilizing the future. Railway arches that were dank and dark and filled with noise. Redeveloped in some deathly way, but not quite forgotten, yet. Meanwhile, someone is lying to you and it's not us.

This is track 4 on the Hawley Road album.

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