Should I wonder who you are
Perception left this door ajar
The night alarms you
Life becalms you
The street befriends you
Fear upends you
Thought crimes

Battered down but not resigned
Kentish Town was a state of mind
Reality is something somebody said
History is hiding under your bed

Scruffy little maisonette
I hope you haven't forgotten me yet
War engaged you
Love enraged you
Back then
New devices
Same old vices
Once again

Rotten floorboards
And window frames
Unholy people playing games
Peeling wallpaper left behind
Kentish Town, you lost your mind
Reality is something inside your head
History is hiding under your bed

Pretty flowers
Tombstone towers
Sat for hours

Pleased to know now why you came
And Kentish Town is not to blame
Long dead loves and
Hands in gloves and
Cold now
Frosty window
Don't you feel so
Old now

Pretty flowers
Sat for hours

Kentish town, you broke my heart
We never should have grown apart
Chilly stairs and broken lights 
Silly charming lovers' fights
Reality is freaking out in my head
History is dying under my bed

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Kentish Town

A nightmare journey back into the psychedelic past. Has anything changed? Did you leave anything behind? What does this spectral visitor say? Kentish Town is not to blame. From the KENTISH TOWN album.

This is track 6 on the Kentish Town album.

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