Don't look back
Don't go there
No, don't look
The pictures only lie now so

Don't break down
I'm here for you
Don't break
I didn't mean to show you
Taxi lights and tower heights
And stumble up the stairs together
Indoor ferns and carpet burns
And life should be like this forever

Don't look sad
You've lost nothing
Don't cry
The memories should die now

Don't waste time
It runs from us
Don't wait
It didn't change a thing for us

Crazy nights and lovers' fights
And fumble in the sheets together
Lovesick times and playful crimes
And words that mean
The world forever

Drunken days, romantic haze
And tumble in the streets together
Riotous acts and solemn pacts
And love should be like this forever

Don't turn back
Your future's here
Don't turn
We didn't mean to
End it all so suddenly

Reckless schemes and
Hopeless dreams
And trashing friends
And foes together
Smashing ties and vicious lies
And we can't run like that forever

Don't look back
It's all here but
Don't look
The pictures tell the truth now so

Don't look back
It's all here but
Don't look
It doesn't mean a thing to us now

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Don't Look Back

Which weighs on us more, the memory or the forgetting? The pictures change over time. You can't trust them. I know how it seemed, then. But forever isn't a thing. So let's be honest. It doesn't mean a thing to us now.

This is track 11 on the Hawley Road album.

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