CMC Songs
All Your Friends All Your Friends Play Song

Lifestyle. Personality. Influence. It's a beautiful world out there and you own it. Or it looks like you do, to your friends. But you don't. And all your friends are just like you. From the KENTISH TOWN album.

High Society High Society Play Song

A golden couple, out on the town. It's all for charity, so don't ask any questions. They earned their privileges. And you know your place. They built it just for you. From the KENTISH TOWN album.

Take Back Control Take Back Control Play Song

Since when has reality been someone else's dream? Whose land is this anyway? Time to take back control. From the KENTISH TOWN album.

Unity Unity Play Song

Somers Town, near King's Cross, London. A lesson from history. The artist must take sides, you know. From the KENTISH TOWN album.

Victory Victory Play Song

Sometimes the wrong side wins. But victory will not ultimately belong to the true-blue plastic patriots. Will it? Time to take the garbage out. From the KENTISH TOWN album.

Kentish Town Kentish Town Play Song

A nightmare journey back into the psychedelic past. Has anything changed? Did you leave anything behind? What does this spectral visitor say? Kentish Town is not to blame. From the KENTISH TOWN album.

Angels Angels Play Song

You can't hide from the truth forever. But that hasn't stopped a lot of people from trying. Never fear though. We're working night and day, to make the angels go away. From the KENTISH TOWN album.

North and South North and South Play Song

Two different worlds? It's possible to navigate them if we know who we are and where we are going. From the KENTISH TOWN album.

It's Time It's Time Play Song

Is it time to notice what's going on? Yes, it is. So open your eyes and look outside your bubble. From the KENTISH TOWN album.

Romantic Fiction Romantic Fiction Play Song

Freedom-lovers can't accept limits on liberty. The world is all theirs to exploit, so their favourite books tell them. They can have their heart's desire. What a joke, the planet's dying. From the KENTISH TOWN album.

The Holy Rain The Holy Rain Play Song

There are places it's not safe to stay. You have allies, but they might not be there for you. The old backlash builds again and blots out the sky. But the holy rain will come. From the KENTISH TOWN album.

There Is A World There Is A World Play Song

Dissatisfied with reality? There's an app for that. And other people think like you. You can join up. You can feel free. You can go to battle. From the KENTISH TOWN album.

Leave Them In The Snow Leave Them In The Snow Play Song

Our 2021 Xmas single, featuring funky bass and guitar, kicking drums, and - yes! - sleigh bells.

The Leader The Leader Play Song

We don't know what's going on. But something is. We don't know what to believe. But someone does. We're so needy. And he's not to blame. War's another kind of thrill.

The Boys and Girls The Boys and Girls Play Song

So many distractions. So many bad actors. The world turns, but not in a good direction. Locked up tight and on high alert. But do not fear. The kids are the future. Otherwise the kick drum will smash us all to pieces.

Space for Love Space for Love Play Song

The power of imagination. The lure of escape. The cool of green and the rush of red. Two sides to everything. Two people as one. Planes of physical sensation. All one big party. Until the lights go black.

Scar Scar Play Song

A rip in the fabric. A blot on the landscape. Rending the past, sterilizing the future. Railway arches that were dank and dark and filled with noise. Redeveloped in some deathly way, but not quite forgotten, yet. Meanwhile, someone is lying to you and it's not us.

Boots in the Sky Boots in the Sky Play Song

Is this place for real? Could anyone actually live here? Why, yes! It's scary and mad and expensive and it's not actually real, but you can pretend. Alice left a long time ago, yet the action's still happening somewhere. Just don't tell Telegram Sam. And what's that sound from the cellar? I think there's something alive down there.

How the Party Goes How the Party Goes Play Song

Party people who make you feel good and pick up the bill. Everybody loves you but you have no friends. But this is what you wanted. It's your party, but you don't decide when it ends. We all know that. It's a business, after all. Don't make a fuss. Get on the bus.

Take the Picture Take the Picture Play Song

Earthbound yet not at home. Spinning through space. What if there's no one else out there to give us a hand up? Better to be brave and stick together. Don't waste time. We've only got each other. Ready? Take the picture now.

Stand Back Stand Back Play Song

London. The wealth trickles out from the centre and sets property prices alight. The “edginess” of Camden becomes a commodity, blunted upon purchase. But those well-off, thirty-something gentrifiers insist on imagining themselves part of the Culture. What culture? They've missed it, like yachts passing in the night and leaving no trace but the erosion of their wake.

Canal Song Canal Song Play Song

The romance of the waterways. A summer afloat. An exploding bridge. An illicit love affair. It's no picnic in the park.

The Gates The Gates Play Song

The power is all on the other side. Can you hear that noise? They're on their way. Our friends need our help. Beyond the gates lie rancour, dread and cacophonous madness. We've all lost someone. But they have what they need. And the gates are open.

Don't Look Back Don't Look Back Play Song

Which weighs on us more, the memory or the forgetting? The pictures change over time. You can't trust them. I know how it seemed, then. But forever isn't a thing. So let's be honest. It doesn't mean a thing to us now.

Moon Flight Moon Flight Play Song

Astral travellers come down to Earth. But not before making their solemn pledge. They know there may be better places, but this one's got something if you look at it a bit funny. Do they remember where they parked?

Being Angry Being Angry Play Song

Punk. Music with attitude. Swearing and drinking. A particular way of dressing. Anyone could pick up a guitar and start making music. Many did. (Too many.) And anger over the cratering recession and the annihilation of traditional industry. Music and fashion change and age creeps up. The attitude remains.

Pleasure at the Palais Pleasure at the Palais Play Song

The Camden Palais - a famous and notorious venue. (Also previously known as The Camden Theatre, the Camden Hippodrome and the Camden Palace.) You remember the Last Goon Show Ever, right? Now it's Koko. On the big nights the crowd would snake around the corner to the Hope and Anchor pub (now closed and awaiting assimilation into the mother ship). Experience the atmosphere of the Big Night - the anticipation, the excitement, the social awkwardness!

Lick the Drip Lick the Drip Play Song

One story of a day trip with friends, a while ago. Some hairy moments. So many young people passing through Camden. The rites of passage. All the drugs in the world in the market and down by the canal. Browse the shops on Chalk Farm Road. Buy some magic mushrooms.

The Liberation The Liberation Play Song

Music works on the emotions. The audience gets it. For a moment of liberation, at least. But are they hearing what you're playing? It's so easy to be cynical. Are you even on the same side? Who's the boss of who? And do we even get out of this place alive? The rock and rolling devil knows.

Primrose Days Primrose Days Play Song

Paranoia on Primrose Hill. The flowers are spying on you. The trees are listening. Spooks everywhere. On the horizon, the city lies in wait. They're used to people like you around here and they humour your fears. But they won't miss you if you're taken.

Working Week Working Week Play Song

The quotidian world got you down. The colour drained out of it. It's a long crawl back. You ask for help to get your feet back on the ground. This time is different.

Flying High Flying High Play Song

A fulfilling romance that lasts. You want it. Everyone does. Feelings can run deep. Relationships can turn one-sided. When it's going well, it's the best drug. You want to keep taking it. But it doesn’t always last. And sometimes the hardest thing can be to say “Goodbye and I wish you well”. But perhaps it's the best way to go.